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As a member you will practice the Olympic-recognised form of this Japanese martial art. Training sessions are built around the sport aspect of karate, as per WKF rules, focusing on the development of fighting techniques and tactics, as well as fitness and flexibility.

The classes are tailored for all levels; from beginners to experienced competitors and focus on individual steady progression in both.

We have separate kids classes age 5 -12 where our approach to teaching is through games to make it fun and entertaining for kids. Karate has been proven to build kids self confidence, self character, resilience and general fitness.

As karate is an Olympic sport, we gradually introduce some sport karate to those interested in competing. We also travel around the country and overseas to compete at various levels. 


We also teach traditional Karate but our approach is through utilising modern teaching methods and strategies. We welcome anyone from any style of karate. The club accepts anyone to share their valuable martial arts/fitness knowledge to all our members.

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